Hedgie Displays

Hedgie Displays Info

Created by Alucard.eth

What are Hedgie Displays?

Hedgie Displays are animated derivative NFTs to be used for physical video displays by only the owner of the respective Hedgies NFT. (https://hedgies.wtf/)
Hedgie Display NFT commissioned for owner of Hedgie #478 (Alucard.eth)
Legal Disclaimer: The services herein are commissioned derivatives only produced upon direct action initiated by the Hedgie Content owner.
Hedgie owners are exercising a right granted under Section 3 of the Hedgies License Agreement, Version 1, to create a derivative of their Hedgie Content.
This sublicense within is subject to the termination of the Hedgies License Agreement. (https://dydx.exchange/hedgies-license-agreement)